Frusso Detox Slim Fruity Fiber Drink Wellous 腹瘦 果味纤维 排毒瘦身 (20 sachets/box)

Frusso Detox Slim Fruity Fiber Drink Wellous 腹瘦 果味纤维 排毒瘦身 (20 sachets/box)
Product Code: Frusso Detox Slim Fruity Fiber Drink Wellous 腹瘦 果味纤维 排毒瘦身
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Frusso Fruity Detox Slim Fiber Drink Wellous 腹瘦 果味纤维 排毒瘦身

What is Frusso?

Frusso is a baby step towards detoxifying intestine as it is loaded with both dietary fibres, water-soluble and water-insoluble. These two fibers possess their own function in which water- soluble fibre is viscous and able to absorb large amount of water, forming a gel when excreted whereas water-insoluble fibre functions to increase the volume and weight of faeces, promote gastrointestinal motility and bowel movements, and relieve constipation.


Accelerate bowel movements/ reproduction of probiotics

Dietary fibre will combine with stools which will then sweep away the stools in the intestinal wall and relieve constipation. russo contains prebiotics, necessary for the reproduction of probiotics which will reduce the growth of bad bacteria and maintain intestinal health.


Control weight/Control blood sugar

Frusso is loaded with fiber to make you feel satiated which requires no further calorie intake. It helps you prevent obesity as well.Frusso can help reduce glucose absorption rate and prevent blood sugar level from increasing hence keeping the blood sugar level normal.


Lower your cholesterol / Reduce the risk of colorectal cancer

Frusso has the potential to combine with bile acid and promote bile acid excretion which can then reduce your cholesterol level. Your intestinal pH can be maintained at an ideal level that prevents microbes from producing carcinogens thus preventing colorectal cancer.


- Effective detoxification

- Weight control

- Improve bad breath

- Improve constipation

- Protect gastrointestinal health

- Increase satiety for 5 hours

- Reduce the risk of colon cancer

- Improve problem skin



Fibersol-2, Psyllium Husk, Inulin, Palm Fibre


Direction of Use

Mix one sachet with 150ml of water, consume before meal

1 sachet/8g

1 box of 4 flavors ( mango, peach, lemon, passion fruit )


Revitalise health by cleansing the intestine.

Healthy and slim at the same time.



Frusso含有水溶性和非水溶性两种膳食纤维,是帮助肠道排毒的第一步!水溶性纤维具有黏 性,能够在大肠内吸收大量水分,形成凝胶排出体外,而非水溶性纤维的作用是增加粪便的体 积和重量,促进肠道蠕动,促进排便以缓解便秘。



膳食纤维将与宿便融合,以增加宿便体积和重量,扫过肠道墙刮走宿便,并刺激肠道 蠕动,从而改善便秘情况。Frusso含有益生菌的营养素—益生元,有助于益生菌繁殖之余也能减少坏菌生长 以维护肠道健康。



Frusso 里的膳食纤维会占据胃部空间,增加饱足感以及减少可摄入热量,消耗体内脂 肪,从而预防肥胖。 Frusso 有助于延缓胃部排空,降低葡萄糖吸收速度,防止血糖飙升,以调节血糖指数。


降低血脂 / 降低结肠癌风险

Frusso 具有与胆酸结合并促进胆酸排泄的能力,从而降低胆固醇水平,预防心血管疾病。有助于保持肠道酸碱值在最合适水平,防止微生物产生致癌物质,预防大肠癌。



- 加速排便  改善便秘

- 助益生菌繁殖  维护肠道健康

- 控制体重  增加饱感,消耗体内脂肪,预防肥胖

- 控制血糖  防止血糖飙升,调节血糖

- 降低血脂  降低胆固醇,预防心血管疾病






在150毫升的水中加入 1 包Frusso,混合均匀待服。建议饭前服用。






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