2HERS3 Cocoa Nutritional Replacement Drink Lazior 可可低卡营养代餐 (500g/Tin)

2HERS3 Cocoa Nutritional Replacement Drink Lazior 可可低卡营养代餐 (500g/Tin)
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2HERS3 Cocoa Nutritional Replacement Drink Lazior 可可低卡营养代餐 (500g/Tin)

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2HERS 3 can provide a healthy proportion of carbohydrates, protein and beneficial fats, helping to maintain an ideal weight.
Taking 2HERS 3 can replace one meal diet, can increase satiety, avoid wrong eating habits and eat more high-calorie foods. Drinking at least 2L or more of water every day during weight loss is conducive to strengthening the body's metabolic rate and more effectively achieving the ideal weight-loss effect.

- Energy Booster
- Promoting High Satiety
- Slimming Effect
- Repairing & Muscle Building
- Improving Athletic Performance
- Preventing Constipation
- Promoting Healthy Digestive System
- Maintan Normal Physiological Function
- Preventing Anemia
- Promoting Proper Growth of Bone Formation
- Accelerating Metabolism
- Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancerous, Anti-aging
- Strengthening Immune System
- Lowring 3 Highs
- Accelerating Cell Growth
- Facilitating Healthy Eyes

- 14 Types of healthy grains
- 23 fruits & vegetables extract
- 8g dietary fiber
- 18 vitamins and minerals
- Prebiotics + Probiotics
- Nourishing Ingredients
- Healthy Fats
- Peptides

Obesity / Overweight, Vegetarian, Busy worker, Weight watcher, Sick person, 3 High Population Disease (High cholesterol, High blood pressure, High blood sugar), Everyone, Fitness lover

- Drink every morning, add 50g of 2HERS3 powder in 250-300ml of warm water, stir well and drink.
- Recommend to drink at least 2L of water every day, which helps to strengthen the body's metabolic rate to achieve the best results.

2HERS 3 能提供健康比例的碳水化合物, 蛋白质和有益脂肪,有助于维持理想体重。
服用 2HERS 3 可取代一餐的饮食,可以增加饱腹感、避免错误的饮食习惯而吃下更多高热量的食物。减肥期间每天至少喝 2L 或以上 的水,有利于加强身体代谢率,更有效的达到理想的瘦身效果。

- 提供能量
- 提供饱腹感
- 帮助减肥
- 建立和修复肌肉
- 提高运动表现
- 预防便秘
- 促进肠胃健康
- 维持正常生理功能
- 预防贫血
- 促进骨骼正常发育
- 促进新陈代谢
- 抗氧化、抗炎、抗癌、抗衰老 
- 提高免疫力
- 降三高
- 促进细胞生长
- 促进眼睛健康

- 14 种健康谷物
- 23种蔬果提取物
- 8克膳食纤维
- 18种维生素和矿物质
- 益生源 + 益生菌
- 养身食材
- 健康油脂
- 肽


- 每日早上取50g 2HERS3 粉加入 250-300ml 温水中冲泡,摇拌均匀后 饮用。

- 每天至少需饮用2L的水,有利加强身体代谢率,以达到最佳效果。

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