Regennic Mugatti Women Health Drink 蕊精灵 素食内调补品 (15 sachets/box)

Regennic Mugatti Women Health Drink 蕊精灵 素食内调补品 (15 sachets/box)
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Product Code: Regennic Mugatti Women Health Drink 蕊精灵 素食内调补品 (15 sachets/box)
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Regennic Mugatti Women Health Drink 蕊精灵 素食内调补品 (15 sachets/box)

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Asia No.1 Women’s Health Brand

According to research studies, the amount of endocrine secretion in women decreases with age starting from the age of 22, which leads to the aging and shrinking of important organs in our body. In a highly urbanized world, modern women’s lives, especially in terms of changes in eating habits and stress, have generally caused endocrine disorders.


Endocrine disorders have become a problem that most woman faces. Due to fast pace of life, stress, emotional ups and downs, and lack of postnatal care are the factors that can easily cause disorders. It is also because endocrine disorders are not easily felt in the physiology, and only with the accumulation of days and months that it will reflect on our body causes physiological imbalance, resulting in many illnesses.


Among them, the most obvious disorders are abnormal menstruation, dull complexion and obesity. In addition, other side effects such as insomnia, emotional instability, sexual frigidity, etc.; in a more serious situation, uterine degeneration affects sexual function.


Regennic is an endocrine concentrated supplement developed to improve women’s endocrine disorders. We adopt the highly concentrated extraction technology of I-Gen Ultra Care, which is based on the fundamental therapy of Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal ingredients, and then boiled with modern technology, specifically for the repair of female endocrine problems, cleverly combined with the Chinese and Western medical science of internal regulation of beauty therapy.


Signs & Symptoms of Endocrine Dyscrasia

Poor quality of sleep

Physical strength and endurance level are not as good as before, fatigue

Poor memory

Period pain, menstrual disorders, menopause or decreased menstrual flow

Loss of libido, reduce of sex drive, vaginal dryness or looseness

Stomach bloating during menstruation, suffering from coldness

Painful during intercourse, sagging breast

Wrinkles, dark spots and acne

Slow wound healing, sagging breast

Feel annoyed, emotional instability


Regennic can help to: 

#Prevent vaginitis

#Conditioning uterus, improve fertility

#Improve excessive vaginal discharge

#Lesson odor and relieve itching

#Restore elasticity of uterine wall

#Prevent uterine prolapse

#Regulating estrogen

#Adjust menstrual period, inaccurate menstrual period, and period pain

#Hep manage mood swings, nourish vagina, vaginal dryness and pain

#Improve breast sagging and firming

#Improve sexual coldness



Packing: 20ml x 15 Sachets per box

Direction: 1 sachet before Breakfast


Regennic   蕊精灵   女性的守护天使

根据研究调查,女性从22岁开始,内分泌量会随着年龄增长而下降,会导致人体内重要器官开始老化    萎缩。在高度城市化的世界,现代女性的生活,尤其在饮食习惯的改变以及所承受的压上普遍都造成了内分泌失调的问题


Regennic 蕊精灵 是一款专为改善女性内分泌失调问题,所研发的一款内调浓缩精华补品



Regennic蕊精灵 的成分有什么功效?

【蕊精灵】采用I-gen ultra care的高浓缩萃取科技,以中医内调的方式修复女性所面对的内分泌问题 帮助女性达到 #美容 #护理 #养宫 的效果 #任何年龄的女生都适用!

白首乌 -补肾益肝,乌发生发,养血益精,抗衰老

黑枣精 -提升免疫力,保护肝脏,含有丰富的维生素以及钙和铁,对骨骼疏松 贫血以及肤色不均有改善作用

姜黄素 -祛风, 舒缓经痛, 改善关节与高血压等问题,同时提升免疫力

朝鲜当归提取物 -祛风通络,活血止痛


Regennic 非常适合












Packing含量: 1盒 20ml x 15包

Direction服用: 1 sachet before Breakfast 早餐前1包 (即开即喝)

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