Bioaqua Collagen Firming Sleeping Mask Night Gel 泊泉雅胶原蛋白紧致晚安冻膜 (20pcs/box)

Bioaqua Collagen Firming Sleeping Mask Night Gel 泊泉雅胶原蛋白紧致晚安冻膜 (20pcs/box)
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Bioaqua Collagen Firming Sleeping Mask Night Gel 泊泉雅胶原蛋白紧致晚安冻膜 (20pcs/box)


BIOAQUA Collagen Firming Sleeping Mask contains Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Nicotinamide, Allantoin and Sodium Hyaluronate based to keep your skin smooth, moist, nutritious, brighten and improve dullness. Freckles and leaves your skin tender moisturizing replenishes. Moisture in deep skin layers. With combination of high quality natural ingredients together create effective formula bring back youth, elasticity and glow to your skin.


◆ Liquid Type (NOT SHEET MASK)



◆ Sodium Hyaluronate helps to replenish and soothe the skin, making it look fuller, firmer and smoother.


◆ It is suitable for dry skin, reduces facial wrinkles and anti-oxidant wrinkles, is used to repair and rejuvenate, and makes the skin younger.


◆ Contain natural extracts in the product help to replenish moisture to the skin and change the condition of the dry skin to make your skin more delicate and smooth.


◆ Formulated with skin improving extract to Improves pores and makes the skin firm, increase elasticity, and hydrate. Help to remove dead skin cells and fine lines. Anti-aging, anti wrinkles and anti chapped


◆ It's tender skin extract-based jelly mask It is gentle, non-irritating, texture, delicate and silky. suitable for all skin types. Skin is actively repairing and healing.


◆ Nourish instantly softens cuticles and surrounding skin. Improve the roughness skin. Make nutritional content penetrates the skin efficiently. can make the skin smooth, brighten and whitening.


【Main Ingredients】

◆ Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract

It has acne fighting and anti-aging benefits as it is packed with amino acids, beta carotene and fatty acids. So it decreases the appearance of wrinkles, fines line and improves skin elasticity.









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