LamorII imono New Peptide Collagen Beverage (21 packs/ box) 升级版 Lamor2 解锁青春密码

LamorII imono New Peptide Collagen Beverage (21 packs/ box) 升级版 Lamor2 解锁青春密码
Brand: Imono
Product Code: LamorII imono New Peptide Collagen Beverage (21 packs/ box)
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LamorII  imono New Peptide Collagen Beverage (21 packs/ box) 升级版 Lamor2 解锁青春密码


LamorII by imono 升级版 Lamor-ii (21 packs/ box)


Precision Anti- Aging, Unlock the code of youth

Anti-aging is not just about the appearance, everything must be inside out.


Feel the vitality again with Lamor II.


Brand new packaging and high-end ingredients,is the best for stop aging for everyone.


Slow down aging, stop aging, reverse aging.


Product Name             LamorII

Weight                        305g

Pack / Box                  21 packs/ box

Product Type               Powder form(12g/pack)

​Consume Method       Take 1 pack in the morning with empty stomach. Mix with 180ml water and stir


Why New Lamor II is created?

As our body combats daily stress or age, mitochondrial function can become slowly compromised leading to impairment in many bodily functions including blood pressure, attention and concentration, skin health, bone and joint health, and other areas. Hence, New Lamor II is created to improve these human health issues, enhance quality lifestyle.


Brand New Lamor II with additional ingredients, Veri-te Resveratrol provide additional benefits to human health. Veri-te Resveratrol is produced using an innovative yeast fermentation process which provide 98% pure trans-resveratrol and free of contaminants. It is technology from Switzerland . The benefits from New Lamor II are mainly focus on supporting healthy aging which will improve human health benefits from many aspects.


Since 2002, with more than 12,000 published studies and tons of human clinical trials, resveratrol is considered one of the most well-investigated compounds applied in dietary supplements. Within 20 years, all this published research and clinical data suggests that resveratrol can be a key ingredient for healthy living.


Who Sould Take Long Term of New LAMORII


People with High Blood Sugar

People with Poor Blood Vessel Health

People in the early stages of aging

People want to Whiten & Rejuvenate Ski


There are 5 main benefits from New LAMORII

Blood Glucose

Cognitive Health

Skin Health

Heart Health

Bone Health


LAMORII  High Quality Ingredients



-Improve memory and learning ability

-Provides healthy blood glucose management and insulin levels

-Lighten age spots & prevent oxidative damage

-Supporting healthy blood flow and systolic blood pressure

- Improve bone mineral density


Fish Collagen (Peptide)

-Keep skin elastic

-Promote eye moisturizing

-Eliminate wrinkles

-Skin firming and lifting


Viqua (Pomegranate)

-Reduce dark spots and blemishes


Lamor2 product is certified by Health Ministry of Malaysia (Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia-KKM) and related departments.

iMono's Products have extra protection & guarantee from QBE company which provide product assurance to customer. QBE consider as international insurance organization and they have a lot customers around the world. One of their services is to provide product insurance after strictly tested.

Therefore, iMono acquired QBE liability insurance of RM1 million on the products. Hence, there is nothing to worry about to take iMono's product.


Consume LAMORII in every morning. 

Effectively Restore Youth, Reverse Time



精准抗老, 解锁青春密码



​产品名称           Lamor2

产品重量 (盒)305克

包装 / 盒           一盒21包

产品类型           粉状(12克/包)

​服用方式           每日早上空腹1包。倒入水(大约180毫升)搅拌均匀即可




为什么要创造新Lamor II?

当我们的身体与生活压力或岁月流逝作斗争时,细胞里的线粒体功能会慢慢受损,导致许多身体功能受损,包括血压、注意力和专注力、皮肤健康、骨骼和关节以及其他领域等等。 因此,新Lamor II 是为了改善这些种种的健康问题,提高生活品质。


全新的Lamor II 含有额外的成分,白藜芦醇,为人类健康提供额外的好处。 白藜芦醇采用创新的酵母发酵工程生产,可提供 98% 纯度的反式白藜芦醇且不含污染物。 它是来自瑞士的技术。 新Lamor II 的好处主要集中在人体老化现象,所以这将会从多方面改善人类健康。














⚜️LAMORII 白藜芦醇

➡️VERI-TE 白藜芦醇可提供高达98%纯度的反式白藜芦醇



➡️全新Lamor II主要集中在人体老化现象和多方面改善人类身体与皮肤健康



✅抗氧化能力=Vitamin C的800倍





LAMORII 高质量成分 















美蔻华 (石榴)


LAMORII 成分都经过大马卫生政府部门和其他部门认证。







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