MOMO Breast Enlargement, Imono 丰胸紧致 20 sachetsx10g/box

MOMO Breast Enlargement, Imono  丰胸紧致 20 sachetsx10g/box
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Discover the O 5 Technology of Bust-up

MOMO Breast Enlargement

MOMO O5- Teknologi Pembesaran Payudara - Semulajadi yang Tercanggih

Dijamin HALAL 

Discover the O 5 Technology of Bust-up

Estrogen preserves the main on beauty and health of women. As a result, changes of estrogen become far more prominent than those of men. Human body secrete more than 75 type of estrogen, several of estrogen regulate body metabolism, reproduction and stimulates the development and growth. It does affect puberty period and emotional performance, the main factor is to maintain a balance action of the organ system of the body. Once it is imbalanced, pathological changes might appear. Estrogen plays a main role whether a person able to achieve physical and mental health.

On age of 21-22 is a peak period of puberty and endocrine. Starting from age of 25, estrogen secretes levels will decrease (every 10 years decrease 15%) will cause aging and atrophy of body organs and tissues, dull of skin, breast ptosis and unsatisfactory sexual attraction, etc. On age of 60, estrogen secretes levels only around 1/5 compare to puberty period.

3-5 days: revitalizing the pituitary to secrete HGH and estrogen, therefore stimulate the growth of breast
Effects: Breast feels swollen
5-9 days: nutrient supplement to body and breast, activate and accelerate the division of mammary gland cells
Effects: breast feels denser
9-12days: Stimulate the secretion of estrogen that will positively affect physiology and psychology of women
Effects: better breast shape, nipple pinkish
12-16 days: Feminine tissues and organs enhancement when Estrogens balance
Effects: breast firm and enlarged, self confident, satisfactory of sexual attraction
16-20 days: Feminine inner self confident like “third puberty period”

Licorice Extracts : Licorice contains liquiritigenin,helps to balance estrogen.Glycyrrhetinic acid block carcinogen induced tumor growth.
Pueraria Lobata : Pueraria extract: isoflavones can simulate estrogen effectively stimulate mammary gland restore the elasticity of the skin of the breast area, re-development increased firm.

•  Stimulate the growth of breast
•  Encourages fat deposition for fuller & firmer breasts
•  Accelerate and stabilizing hormone level in women's body
•  Activate and accelerate the division of mammary gland cells
•  Revitalizing the pituitary to secrete HGH and estrogen
•  Improves blood & lymphatic circulations in the breasts
•  Breast shaping, nipple pinkish


Suggestion Dosage:

Take 1 sachet per day before/after meal

Serving Suggestion:
Mix with one glass (150ml) of water
1box (20 pkts x 10g) 

Momo 天然萃取科技丰胸保养品

21-22岁时青春的巅峰的时期,也是体内分泌系统功能最顶峰的时期。从25岁开始,体内荷尔蒙的分泌量便以每10年下降15%的速度逐年减少,人体各器官组织开始老化萎缩,皮肤明显黯淡,乳房下垂,  性冷感等等。60岁时,荷尔蒙分泌量只有年轻时1/5左右。


•  刺激乳房的發育
•  引导脂肪于胸部增生
•  促进淋巴循环
•  乳房塑形,乳头粉嫩
• 促进女性内分泌平衡
• 激活和加速乳腺细胞生成

Discover the O 5 Technology of Bust-up













MOMO breast
Luxury sexy ~
To you to speak ~

A box of 20 packets, the fastest effect can see within 3-5 days ~
Slow one should be two weeks

Perfect course of 3 boxes
3 boxes will have different ~ [Large]

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